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2015 NFL Mock Draft Updated 1/4/15

  • Atlanta Falcons 2015 NFL Off-Season Report - Positions of Need Defensive End Kroy Biermann, Malliciah Goodman, and Osi Umenyiora were their primary edge rushers last season and only Umenyiora graded out above average on Pro Football Focus and he did so on just 347 snaps. Now he’s a free agent going into his age 34 season. Biermann is a free agent as [...]
  • Chicago Bears 2015 NFL Off-Season Report - Positions of Need Middle Linebacker Linebacker was a big problem for the Bears last season, as no one played more than 696 snaps and only one player (Jon Bostic) played more than 461 snaps. Bostic was decent in his 2nd year in the league in 2014, after struggling in 2013 as a 2nd round rookie [...]
  • Washington Redskins 2015 NFL Off-Season Preview - Positions of Need Cornerback You know things are bad at cornerback when you desperately miss DeAngelo Hall, who missed 13 games. Hall isn’t great, but those 3 games he played were the only 3 games the Redskins had anyone resembling an NFL starting cornerback out there. David Amerson has been a massive disappointment a 2013 [...]
  • Oakland Raiders 2015 NFL Off-Season Report - Needs Defensive Tackle The Raiders’ current trio of Antonio Smith, Justin Ellis, and Pat Sims at defensive tackle is underwhelming. On top of that, Smith is going into an age 34 contract year, while Sims is a free agent this off-season. Ellis has the best long-term potential, as he was a 4th round rookie in [...]
  • Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots: 2014 AFC Championship Pick - Indianapolis Colts (13-5) at New England Patriots (13-4) After the Ravens beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, ensuring that they would go to New England in the 2nd round for yet another Patriots/Ravens playoff matchup, I started discussing on Twitter who the Patriots would choose to play in the 2nd round if they had the choice, [...]
  • Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks: 2014 NFC Championship Pick - Green Bay Packers (13-4) at Seattle Seahawks (13-4) The Packers beat the Cowboys last week, beating a team that was 8-0 on the road previously and improving to 9-0 at home themselves. However, because they are 9-0 at home, that also means they are just 4-4 on the road this season. Away from Lambeau, they [...]
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 2015 NFL Off-Season Preview - Needs Defensive End The Chris Clemons signing didn’t really work out for the Jaguars. Clemons was dominant in Seattle when Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley was the defensive coordinator, but he’s over the hill. He was Pro Football Focus’ 2nd worst ranked 4-3 defensive end last season and isn’t going to get any better, going [...]
  • Tennessee Titans 2015 NFL Off-Season Report - Needs Quarterback Arguably the most intriguing spot in the first round of the draft is #2 where the Titans are picking. Ken Whisenhunt drafted Zach Mettenberger in the 6th round last year and he showed some promise as a rookie, completing 59.8% of his passes for an average of 7.89 YPA, 8 touchdowns, and 7 [...]
  • Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers: 2014 Divisional Round NFL Pick - Dallas Cowboys (13-4) at Green Bay Packers (12-4) This is the first time in NFL history that an 8-0 home team has met an 8-0 road team in the playoffs and both teams are in the location where they’ve had the most success this season, the Packers in Lambeau and the Cowboys, well, anywhere other [...]
  • Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos: 2014 Divisional Round NFL Pick - Indianapolis Colts (12-5) at Denver Broncos (12-4) Last week was an overall successful weekend. I hit 3 out of 4 plays, including both of my big plays (Baltimore +3 and Carolina -6). The one I missed was the Indianapolis/Cincinnati game, as I made a low confidence pick on Cincinnati. I understood the AJ Green absence [...]

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